Coronavirus by Pixie (June 2020)
This year I had a good chance to win
Some major events in orienteering.
But for weeks and months we've been in lockdown
Not even venturing into town.
We've scarce been beyond the garden wall
(Our garden is lovely but rather small)
'Cause Rattlebones, my living dream,
Is vulnerable, in the extreme.
Hare Raiser's diary WAS full of hares keen,
Hares who've been thwarted by Covid 19.
Hashing takes place in the living room
A chattering jungle of faces on Zoom;
No running, fresh air, shouting On On -
An important lump of life has gone.
Hashers are desperate to get out once more,
As long as we're not forbidden by law.
In very small groups we did a hash
To celebrate Docleaf's birthday bash.
So small groups may be the only way
Running at different times of day,
Nothing too devious, like Pixie loops,
For hareless hashers in tiny groups,
No trails from pubs, as yet, can be laid
Nothing normal for a while, I'm afraid.
A few hardy hares have trails up their sleeve…
In the future of hashing we've GOT to believe…
When the virus is under control – or gone -
We'll be back to true hashing. On on! On on!

Rule of Six
Now that we have the rule of Six;
No down-down, even for the hare
Nor for Shithead of the Year.
Every ten minutes just six can run
But not hang around for apres fun.
True hashing it definitely is not
So don’t forget to pre-book a slot
To make a six, mini or main
Until we can do true hashing again.
On on….
Pixie. Mid September 2020

Our Hash runs normally start every Wed evening at 7pm except now – see Pixie’s poems.

Visitors are welcome but be warned, you may get hooked!

Our trails are mostly laid with flour by Hares who mostly follow guidelines so the Runs should be completed within an hour to and hour and a half.

Trails include a main for runners and a mini for walkers/joggers and sometimes a short Polly trail.

Torches are required in the winter.

An après normally follows the Hash, regulations permitting, in a pub, Hasher’s home or outdoors.

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