A nighttime underwater check

Hashing is an outdoor recreational sport with similarities to rambling and orienteering.  It’s a team activity involving a small group of runners and another of walkers who set off to find a pre-marked trail that uses public footpaths and open access areas.  A different trail is marked each week and the pre-marking avoids the use of a map.  So Hashers have to follow the trail but the trail-layer (known as the Hare) accompanies the Hash to ensure it does not go off course. The trail is marked with the aim of keeping those in a group in loose contact with each other as they seek it out.

The mis-management

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The survivor

Ruby Von Rails

Ruby Von Rails

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Here for old times sake but does anyone know why?

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Some words from the hashers

Normal Hash but no après yet

Following two successful hashes in two groups for the mini and two for the main and the change in lockdown rules, the next trail on Wed 14th April will set off with just one mini Read more…

Camping weekend 18-20th June

Save this date for the HoV camping weekend provided the lockdown Road Map stays on track! For details see Bogman’s email or contact Pixie or join the Zoom apres.

Road map to hashing again

Article 102 on page 30 of the government’s road map to ending lockdown “COVID-19 Response Spring 2021” allows for organised outdoor sports after March 29th compliant with guidance from national governing bodies. The HoV H3 Read more…