Haunch of Venison Mountain Rescue Club Hash House Harriers

Run Rabbit Run

Other local hashes and like minded events

As luck and fate would have it there is a Hash 'running' almost every day of the week in the greater Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset etc area. So if you are busy on a Wednesday, or just want almost the same fun more than once a week check out the following.  

Wednesday Haunch of Venison Hash House Harriers
Thursday R2D2 (in Summer)
Friday Dorset Hospitality Hash House Harriers on alternate Fridays
Saturday R2D2 (in Winter)
Sunday The Wessex Hash House Harriers at 11am
Hursley Hash House Harriers at 11am
Monday The Worthy Winchester Hash

Other events & stuff

Other local HashesOther local Hashes HasherdasheryHasherdashery Rogues GalleryRogues Gallery

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