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What is Hashing

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One hasher, the HARE, lays a trail in the countryside (or in the city, or in a village, or in a town and the countryside, or in a village and . . .) on the day (or the afternoon, or the morning, or the . . .) before the Hash itself.

The trail goes from a pub to the same pub (or to another pub, or from a parking space back to the parking space and we drive to the pub, or from a house back to the house). The trail usually follows the wiggely path of a drunken boomerang, or any other odd route available, be it circular, pentangular, long and thin or just round the houses. The trail usually, but not always, goes from start to finish.

Trails are laid in flour (or sawdust, or in soot in the snow, or rarely, in finely grated parmesan). If flour is used, then it is eaten by deer, pheasants, new forest ponies or slugs and we all get lost. If it rains before the Hash, we all get lost. If it rains during a Hash, we all get wet and lost.

The trail includes very complicated hieroglyphics (like a circle or a line across the path) which eventually become familiar to experienced hashers and help them to get lost. Trails feature lots of dead ends to frustrate anybody (clearly not a true hasher) who is trying to get back first. Most trails feature one or more short cuts (called 'mini' trails) to get the walkers and wounded home early. Many trails have nasty extra long bits (called 'maxi' trails) to get the FRBs (Front Running Bas***ds) really worn out or lost.  Decent trails feature seriously obscure footpaths - beware of mud, bulls and lost hares.

On hot summer nights, a 'beer stop' may be encountered. The hashers stop, but the beer flows! In winter something warmer may be found, but is more often missed due to the dark.

Those that are fitter and madder forge ahead to find the trail and do the long bits, thus perhaps getting fitter, but certainly justifying more post trail food & beer. Those that are more 'refined' walk and talk more, run less, take all hints & shortcuts given. With a bit of luck we all arrive back at the start at aapproximately the same time (and place).

When all the hashers and their dogs and children get back to the pub we strip off our shiggy strips and shoes, dress in clean togs or silly trousers and go and entertain the locals in their otherwise quiet bar. Consumption of the best pub food on offer (and we are considered experts in finding high quality good value pub fair) is followed with some very expert synchronised singing and drowning in beer, blackcurrant juice or what ever takes your fancy.

Haunch of Venison main trails are normally (although never always) around 5 miles long, more in the Summer less in the Winter. We almost always lay a mini trail, for those inclined to more walking and talking of around 2-3 miles.  We always 'run' at 7pm Wednesday night, Summer and Winter, at a location never far from Salisbury check latest trails for upcoming locations.   

Visitors and newcomers are always welcome. Past hashing experience or fitness is not required, just some running kit (although wellies are oft seen on the mini in winter) and a sense of humour.

What's the point

  1. Who needs a point just a pint.
  2. To have fun & get out 
  3. To getter fitter but always insure post run calories exceed those consumed during the hash.
  4. Not to get back first
  5. Find path, pubs and places in Hampshire, Wiltshire and occasionally Dorset that you never dreamt exsisted.
  6. Create large quantities of washing for long suffering spouses
  7. Experiment in the breeding of new strains of bacteria & smells only found in continually damp running shoes.
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